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Creative Clothing Freelance

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Welcome - to your creative pattern cutting solution

Since 2009 I’ve been providing a Freelance Pattern Cutting

Service to both Commercial and Private Clients.


I am based near Waltham Abbey Essex, just 25 minutes

from London Liverpool Street British Rail Station and 10

minutes from either junction 25 or 26 of the M25.


I am adaptable to my client’s needs and will travel to work from your premises if that is your preference, or else I’m very happy to work from my studio.


I can help newly qualified Designers to draft their first collection, as well as want-to-be Designers create your first, second or even third collections.  I am here to help with practical and technical advise, cut patterns, make up toiles, assist in fitting, organise your grading etc,


Maybe you want help to draft your patterns for your Fashion Degree final Collection.  Or you want to refresh your Pattern Cutting skills for projects you want to undertake for yourself at home.  Then try the One-to-One Tuition Days and get started on that project.  If not too sure then call for a chat, I’m a very friendly chatty person.

Contract Pattern Cutter ~ Freelance Creative Pattern Cutting ~ Fashion Freelance Pattern Cutting  ~  Mature Pattern Cutter Freelancer

Pattern Cutting


A pattern cutter coverts a designer’s sketch or idea into a working pattern, which can be used when constructing the garment.


What we do as a “pattern cutter”


      There are several ways in which a garment pattern can be made. The most common techniques are:


To develop the pattern from a standard pattern ‘block,’ or a tried and tested secondary block. This can then be changed and manipulated to developed new designs.


To adapt a ‘base’ pattern, the ‘base’ is similar to the ‘block’ except that it is not a standard pattern.


To produce a pattern by draping a tailor’s dummy. This is when a similar-weight fabric is draped over a dummy and the pattern pieces are then hand-cut in accordance with the way the fabric falls in order to achieve the finished design.

Contract Pattern Cutters ~ Freelance Creative Pattern Cutting ~ Fashion Freelance Pattern Cutting ~  Mature Pattern Cutter Freelancer

Freelance Pattern Cutter ~ Sample pieces ~ Student pattern cutters services

Text Box: I provide help and support services to Fashion Design Students with final collection projects.
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Training Days and Instruction


I offer one-to-one instruction and guidance to students and others who need practical help with pattern cutting projects.

Pattern Cutting is the foundation of all dressmaking and clothes manufacture


A pattern cutter is essential for all types of fashion production and dressmaking. I can assist with pattern cutting for items including


· Dress -               Evening Dress                 Day Dress                      Casual Dress

· Skirt -                Short Shirt                    Long Skirt                      Fashion Shirts  

· Shirts   -            Sorts Sleeve Shirt        Long Sleeve Shirt          Tee Shirt                                   

· Blouses  -            Styled Blouse                 Plain Blouse                    Detailed Blouse

· Trousers-          Wide Trousers               Fitting Trousers            Jeans

· Shorts   -            Summer Shorts             Fashion Shorts               Bermuda Shorts

· Jackets-            Tailored                         Semi Tailored                 Loose Fitting

· Coats -               Full Length                     Mid Length                     Swing Coats


Any item of fashion wear or general clothing.


I prepare patterns for the Manufacturing industry, as well as professional or amateur dressmakers to use.

Contract Pattern Cutters ~ Creative Pattern Cutting ~ Fashion Pattern Cutting ~  Mature Pattern Cutter

Text Box: Call 07535 142631 or Email me at info@creative-pattern-cutter.co.uk ~ Look forward to hearing from you.
Text Box: 07535 142631


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