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As an individual you might sometimes need professional help to achieve your gaols, I can help in many ways and have done so in the past.


Have you ever thought that the high street donít cater for your needs because you are too tall, or short, or an odd shape.† You find† that part of the garment fits and another part is just too baggy or tight.† Well I have helped people just like you in the past - Bespoke patterns have been drafted, toiles made up to make sure the fitting is good and you can then take your pattern to a dress maker to have it made up in your chosen fabric.

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Maryleen Kerrison


07535 142631



For Everyday or the special occasion



 Discuss design and produce the pattern and a toile (this is a mock-up of the pattern usually in calico).

 Fabric selection and colour scheme, etc.

 Finalise any alteration on toile(s), producing the final pattern.

 Sometime depending on time, make up garment in clientsí fabric.

 Assist the individual to draft their own patterns - Please see the Tuition Days page.

Experienced, Friendly† Efficient

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I offer one-to-one instruction and guidance to students and others who need practical help with pattern cutting projects.
Text Box: 07535 142631


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