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These are just some examples of the kind of work that has been undertaken over the past two years

Shop Owner


This client is new to designing and to the concept of pattern creation.† She needed patterns for garments from the 1950ís era for her vintage style Ladies wear shop.† Together we worked out what she was looking to achieve with her designs.† I drafted the initial pattern with her measurements for her standard size 12, produced the toile made in calico for fitting on her model.† Amendments were made and once she was happy with the final toile, I produced the final pattern ready for grading and production of stock.† I organised the grading on her behalf.



Ladies Wear Garment Manufacturer


As an ongoing contract I am the in-house (Freelance) Pattern Cutter.† Working alongside the Designer we produce the collection of approximately 36 pieces twice a year.† Some designs are completely new and therefore the pattern needs to be drafted from the in-house blocks.† Other times we decide to make changes to existing patterns to create new looks.



An Individual


As an individual sometimes the high street cannot cater for your clothing needs and therefore you have no choice but to have made to measure clothes.† This individual is so.† For this client I have drafted trousers and blouse with various variations to achieve different looks from predominately the same pattern.† The finished garments are also made by me.



An Individual


This lady found my website as a Google search Ė she was looking for someone to make a pattern of a Shirt Dress with variations of collars, sleeves and front.† A pattern was drafted and a toile was made in calico.† After she fitted the toile and the minor alterations made, I sent her the pattern for her Dress Maker to make her dresses.† I made sure there were extra instructions on the pattern pieces for her dress maker to follow.



Tuition Day


Tuition Days are not merely for Fashion Students, as with this lady the day can also be for people who want to better understand pattern creation for their own projects at home.† Some people come back as many times as they feel they need.



Menswear Garment Manufacturer


This garment manufacturer mainly produces Menís outer wear, jackets, coats, etc for the High Street outlets.† Working from my studio Iím sent patterns to bring back to spec and check measurements, making sure any necessary amendments are made as I go along.



First Commercial Collection - Fashion Graduate


This client wanted to create her first collection after her graduation.† She intended to market the clothes on her website on the internet.† We worked together to get the look and flow of the collection before I started to cut the patterns of her 20 piece collection.† Each of the toiles was made up in similar fabric to which she intended to use for the finished garment, either jersey or cotton woven.† I believe she has gone on to launch her website with her own designs.

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