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In response to frequent requests I now offer help and advise with regard to pattern production and garment construction to students undertaking university and college courses as well as other amateur† clothes makers needing help in this area.


Many fashion design students struggle with the pattern cutting aspects of their† project work and production of final collections. Various fashion design courses do not have the time or resources to cover all of the practical techniques of pattern cutting and pattern preparation in any great detail.† My aim is not to do the work for the student, but to assist and provide hands on explanation and advise so that the student can undertake their project or collection in a professional manner.† I also provide help and advise for garment construction standpoint as to the best method to convert student ideas and concepts into finished articles.†


†††††††††††† Normally one or maybe two days support is all thatís needed to give the student the understanding and confidence to proceed with their project.† This is a bookable slot for you to spend the day at my studio with you project or collection for us to address questions and find solutions together.


I look forward to helping you with your projects.

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My one-to-one Tuition Days are not only for Fashion Design Students, they are open to anyone who wishes to undertake a clothes making project who wishes to cut their own pattern instead of relying on commercial patterns.† The best way to get the most out of a day with me is to coming along with a project that you wish to work on and weíll take it from there.† If not too sure, just call for a chat and Iíll advise if I can help you.

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