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In response to many customer enquires I can now supply a range of Basic Standard Blocks for those clients who wish to create a pattern themselves. These blocks are not patterns but are a tool giving a starting point from which a pattern may be developed. A certain degree of pattern cutting experience and knowledge is required in order to make use of these blocks but in the right hands they are an excellent tool and starting point for pattern creation.†


The Basic Blocks are supplied on card in sizes 10 to 22. for:††††††††



 Skirt††† ††††††††††††



 Basic Jacketó(with 2 piece sleeve)

Order by e-mail or by telephone from contact details below:-

Text Box: Block Prices (per size)

Bodice	£10.00
Skirt	 	£10.00
Dress		£20.00
Jacket	£28.00
Trouser 	£12.00

Full set £75.00

Plus £5 Postage and packing

A Vital Tool for Pattern Cutting

Text Box: 07535 142631


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